The Sleepover Gang: Sleeping Over

Wow! A cool club for midnight mischief – that’s the Sleepover Gang! They’re about to hold their very first sleepover at Taylor’s house. The girls can’t wait to stay up late, play games, and watch movies. But secretly Emily is worried. She knows her parents won’t let her stay the night at Taylor’s house, and she doesn’t want to miss out on all the fun. Can she prove to her parents that she’s old enough to go, or will she have to miss the party? One thing’s for sure: whether it’s fun and games or tears and trouble, the sleepover won’t go zzzzzz!

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    this book is fantastic

    11 December 2010

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    i am only half way through but sooo good so far it isnt mine its a friends but i wish it was mine

    3 August 2009

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