The Snow Bear

A little snow bear leads Sara into a magic ice world in this new Holly Webb delight. Now and again a Christmas book comes along that’s so completely enchanting we cannot imagine we ever spent Christmas without it. The Snow Bear is a book like that. It starts with a little girl, Sara, whose grandfather builds her an igloo and a small snow bear. It takes you on an enchanted journey through an Arctic world of ice. But where will you and Sara end up? Holly Webb excels herself in this wintry masterpiece. We have absolutely lost our hearts.

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  • I like this book it is brilliant

    3 March 2014

  • loved it

    so sweet beautiful drawings.

    21 November 2013

  • liked it

    it was a good book i liked it i loved Sara she sounded so caring and kind to animals and people and what a coincidence that the new baby was called the same as the bear cub

    10 November 2013

  • loved it

    Firstly I loved this entire book. Secondly I think this book is for five plus and kids that likes adventures. My favourite part was when Sara met Alignak. My favourite character was Peter.

    The story is about a girl that fell to sleep and was dreaming that she was in her Granddad’s favourite story. When she was there she thought it was real and she thought that she actually found Peter her Granddad’s old friend. I did not like it when Sara fell down into a big hole. I loved it when Peter finds his mother again.

    Stephanie, aged 8

    22 October 2013

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    Holly is the best-selling author of lots of brilliant books including the Molly’s Magic, Animalmagic and Rose series.

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