The Starblade Chronicles #3: Spook's - Dark Assassin

Uh-oh. When witches team up with spooks, something really wicked this way comes… What can destroy a god? Something dark stirs between Earth and oblivion: an assassin who thirsts for the blood of the beasts who sent her to the grave. Above ground, in the County, the Spook and his apprentice are lured by those same beasts into a deadly trap. Who is the assassin? What is their mission? Tom needs to find out. In a supernatural war where dark armies fight with the power of a god, maybe it’s time for old enemies to join forces…

  • A terrifying new mission for the Spook and his apprentice
  • Third in a new series where Tom takes the reins as Spook
  • Internationally bestselling series with millions of loyal fans
  • The Spook’s Apprentice was made into film Seventh Son

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