The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The very first story about this best-loved bunny: brave, mischievous and oh so cute! Once upon a time, there were four little rabbits: Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-Tail and Peter. These cuddly bunnies had all sorts of cheeky adventures, which were turned into a book that made children around the world smile. Well – guess what! That book was this book: a true classic loved for over a hundred years. You’re going to love it too! Meet little bunny Peter, his sisters and his furry woodland friends. Laugh out loud at the naughty pranks they get up to!

  • Beatrix Potter’s classic tale about four little bunnies
  • This beloved story was Beatrix Potter’s very first book
  • Sturdy board edition with the original text and artwork
  • This gentle, charming tale is a timeless part of childhood

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