The Tar Man

In Gideon the Cutpurse, an accident with an anti-gravity machine catapulted Peter and Kate back to 1763. Now a bungled rescue attempt leaves Peter stranded in the 18th century whilst a terrifying villain, the Tar Man, takes his place and explodes onto 21st century London. Concerned about the effects of time travel, the NASA scientists responsible question whether it is right to rescue Peter. Meanwhile, Kate decides to take matters into her own hands. But things don’t go as planned, and soon the physical effects of time travel start to have strange and disturbing effects on Kate. Meanwhile, in our century, the Tar Man wreaks havoc in a city whose police force are powerless to stop him…

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  • This is a great book but you have to have read the first one for it to make any sense. Some parts of it are quite slow and others are really good and full of adventure. Overall, this is a good book, for ages 11+

    3 March 2012

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