The Tiara Club: Princess Amelia and the Silver Seal

Princess Amelia is really excited to be starting a new term at the Princess Academy! She’ll be staying with her best friends in Daffodil Room. And what a wonderful surprise – the Princess Academy at Emerald Castle is right by the seaside! Soon Princess Amelia and her friends are having adventures galore. But when she saves a baby seal caught up in some netting while the princesses are out swimming, the nasty twins Diamonde and Gruella take all the credit! Will they be found out?

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  • This book was really good i like the tiara club i used to be a Ballerina myself it was fantastic!!!! anyway i loved the book xxx

    19 August 2009

  • okay

    i think this book i am goin to like

    18 August 2009

  • loved it

    loved it

    27 July 2008

  • loved it

    the book wos the best ever

    5 July 2008

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