The Time of Green Magic

The queen of family fiction is back. Three kids. Two families. An old house full of magic… When Abi and her two stepbrothers move into an eerie, ivy-covered house, strange things begin to happen when they’re alone in it. Abi finds herself tumbling deep into books that she’s reading, while six-year-old Louis summons a startling guest through his bedroom window. Even Max has started to see shapes in the shadows, although their busy parents notice none of it. But when Louis’ secret visitor starts stirring up trouble, Max and Abi know they must do something. Can they find out where this strange creature has come from – and how to send it back?

  • A gorgeously magical new book by a celebrated writer
  • Full of atmosphere, beauty and spellbinding lyricism
  • Hilary McKay won the Whitbread Prize for Saffy’s Angel
  • She also won the 2018 Costa Award for The Skylarks’ War

“The emotions of real families have always been [McKay’s] forte, but in this evocative novel she makes something fantastical happen.” Sunday Times

“A bewitching tale about blended families and the power of books told with all the wisdom and heart you would expect.” The Bookseller

“Hilary McKay’s radiant characters touch my heart like real people… Possibly the finest writer of our time.” Elizabeth Wein

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  • Photo of Hilary McKay

    Hilary McKay

    Hilary McKay is the award-winning author of many children’s books including the much loved Casson family series.


    Hilary’s awards include the Guardian prize for The Exiles, the Nestle Smarties prize for The Exiles at Home, and the Costa Award for Saffy’s Angel and The Skylark’s War.

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