The Treasure House

An intriguing new mystery from award-winning author Linda Newbery. Nina’s cosy, comfortable life is turned upside down when her mother, Miranda, mysteriously disappears. Desperate to know what has happened to his wife, Nina’s father goes away to look for her, leaving Nina with two eccentric aunts who run a charity shop in town. Hoping to take her mind off her worries, Nina throws herself into shop life – and soon discovers that it can be entertaining, intriguing and rewarding. She rummages through all sorts of weird and wonderful donations, makes exciting new friends and uncovers plenty of strange secrets! All the same, she is determined to solve the mystery that has shattered her life as she knew it. Where is her mother? Why did she disappear? And just what secret has she been hiding from her family all this time?

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  • Awards

    Linda Newbery won the Costa award for Set in Stone.

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