The Unexpected Find

A solitary boy unexpectedly finds… a strange object. A true friend. Himself. When a storm hits a small and sleepy town, it ravages every living thing. But storms don’t just destroy. They uncover. And when Simon spots the mysterious object that’s lain hidden beneath a centuries-old tree, he instantly knows that it’s special. What’ll come of his unexpected find? First, an unexpected friendship. (Simon is different. Judy is difficult.) Then, all the incredible stuff that comes next. The search for Judy’s father, the journey to Sweden, the crash, the fight – I guess you could say that’s unexpected too.

  • A captivating, heartfelt middle-grade epic adventure
  • By Toby Ibbotson, son of the bestselling Eva Ibbotson
  • Toby’s first book was Mountwood School for Ghosts
  • That book was nominated for the 2016 Carnegie Medal

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