The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones

Beware: if you pick your nose and eat it, you might be stolen by pirates. Don’t do it, kids. You might end up in an adventure full of swords, bears, dukes and treasure maps. Like Peter Pan – but scarier. You’ve been warned. Mabel Jones kept picking her nose although grown-ups told her not to. Now she’s been dragged off in a sack to the dark place where those naughty kids go. (We hope you’re not one.) She’s aboard a stinky old pirate ship with a wolf for a captain. He has a false leg carved from a thighbone. Ugh. And a big rusty cutlass. Yikes.

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    I found this book totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this book for children who like evil plots, hilarious characters and myserious mysteries. The unlikely adventures of Mabel Jones is jam packed with exiting moments, suspenceful cliffhangers and scheming crooks that are sure to have you chewing on your fingernails until they look utterly horrid.

    By Lyla

    10 January 2016

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    Ross Collins has won an Amnesty CILIP Honour for There’s a Bear on My Chair and the Royal Mail Scotland Award for Billy Monster’s Daymare and Dear Vampa.

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