The Wimpy Vampire Strikes Back

Fifteen-year-old Nigel Mullet is your typical geeky adolescent vampire: he likes to play video games, laze about, awkwardly pursue girls, write in his diary and occasionally save the day. But when Nigel is unexpectedly put in charge of a vampire coven on the remote island of Hirta, he suddenly finds that power brings responsibility. Solving petty disputes between blood-suckers is hardly Nigel’s idea of fun. But power does have some positives, such as having the biggest room in Hirta Castle and being able to skive vampire history homework. Best of all, he can flaunt his position to entice the hot vamp girls who are increasingly showing an interest in him – especially the sultry Lenora!

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    6 March 2014

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    Tim Collins won the Manchester Fiction City and Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Awards for Diary of a Wimpy Vampire Kid.

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