The Wombles

A fantastic new edition of the first ever Wombles book, introducing the pointy-nosed, furry and lovable creatures who are mad about recycling! The Wombles live in secret burrows on Wimbledon Common, helping the environment by recycling junk in all sorts of wacky ways. In their opening adventure, you’ll meet stern but kindly Great Uncle Bulgaria; Orinoco, who is fond of his food and a forty winks; and handyman Tobermory, who can turn almost anything into an amazing invention. Then there’s Madame Cholet, who cooks delicious natural foods to keep the Wombles happy, and – last but not least – Bungo, one of the youngest and cheekiest Wombles, due to venture out onto the Common alone for the first time!

“A genuine classic… A new generation will delight in the adorable Wombles of Wimbledon Common and, with their passion for recycling, they couldn’t be better role models.” Saga

“Orinoco, Uncle Bulgaria and the rest are a charming and entertaining bunch, plus, with their litter-picking ways, they can teach us all a thing or two about recycling.” Sunday Express

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  • loved it

    We got a DVD in the newspaper when I was smaller in the post it was soo got my mam says she used to watch it when she was smaller

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    I read this book about a year ago but can still remember the story line, and what a great story line it was! My favourite characters where Orinoco and Great Uncle Bulgaria! I would recomend this book to all children aged 8+!

    23 January 2013

  • I loved this book. its a great story with lots of great characters. my fave womble is Orinoco.

    i cant wait to read the other womble books

    4 March 2012

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