The Yeti Files #1: Meet the Bigfeet

Monsters get mythically funny. Meet the yetis who deny they exist. (Confused?) Hurray: it’s a crazy new book series full of wicked cartoons, dumb jokes and hairy feet. As funny as Captain Underpants, but all about yetis (who don’t, just so you know, wear pants.) Meet a hairy new hero: Blizz Richards. He’s a great guy, a caring boss and a loyal friend. Oh, yeah… he’s also a yeti. Perhaps you don’t believe in yetis. That’s great, because Blizz’s job is to keep them secret. But once word gets out about this massive series, we reckon his cover will be well and truly blown.

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    l think it is fony and i rely liked it

    2 October 2014

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