There's an Ouch in My Pouch

Willaby Wallaby is not happy. There’s an ouch in Mum’s pouch, and it’s making him grouch! So off he hops to the Blue Billabong to find a new pouch to sleep in. But when Willaby has a scary brush with cunning Ma Dingo and bounces back to Mum, he realises that the ouch is just his new baby sister, and that he doesn’t really need a pouch now after all. He’s a big boy now – free to bounce and hop around! Packed with exotic Australian animals, this is a gorgeous, comical rhyming story about embracing independence and discovering the world.

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  • Awards

    Jeanne has won several awards including the Nestle Smarties prize for Tadpole’s Promise, the Portsmouth Children’s Book Prize for Dumb Creatures and Grandad and John and the Book Trust Early Years award for Bog Baby. She has also won Red House award twice for Who’s in the Loo? and Bottoms Up!, both illustrated by Adrian Reynolds.

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