Threads Trilogy

Fashion, fame and friendship! Love your threads? These girls roll just like you do. From designer dreams to real-life catwalk triumph, they’re making it big. Why not you? Nonie’s passion is fashion. Edie wants to save the world. Budding actress Jenny has just landed a small part in a Hollywood blockbuster. And then there’s Crow. (First seen wearing a pair of pink fairy wings and sketching a dress.) She’s an African refugee who dreams of being a future star of fashion – and there’s no doubt that she’s got the eye. Together, can these girls dominate the world? You’d better believe it…

  • Fashion fairy tales full of strong female characters
  • Threads won the Times/Chicken House Fiction Award
  • Sophia Bennett’s books include The Look and The Castle
  • Top author praised by Jacqueline Wilson and David Almond

“I didn’t want it to end.” Meg Cabot

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  • Sophia Bennett

    Sophia Bennett is the author of the award-winning novel Threads.


    Sophia Bennett won the Times Children’s Fiction Competition in 2009.

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