Tiger Wars

Saker is a child gang member trained in jungle law and survival, working for a Chinese overlord who poaches tigers and their organs. Hired to attack the rangers who protect the tigers, Saker has pledged his life to his criminal clan. But then something happens to make Saker change sides – and now he’s on the run from his predatory ‘brothers’. Hunted by ruthless killers, Saker meets fifteen-year-old Sinter, a spoiled rich girl trying to escape an arranged marriage. Their uneasy friendship grows to form an unshakeable bond, as they team up as young eco-warriors in a hostile and terrifying world…

First in BBC wildlife presenter Steve Backshall’s high-octane new series, this book introduces Saker and Sinter as they challenge the horrific wrongs done to wildlife. As they thwart shark fishers, hunters and rainforest loggers, they come face to face with the planet’s most majestic and lethal creatures.

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  • I loved Steve Backshall’s new book called Tiger Wars. This book follows the adventure of a boy called Saker who kidnaps a girl called Sinter who lives on a tea plantation.

    Saker is on the run from his clan because he refused to slaughter a tiger, now hunting dogs are tracking him down and he finds himself going through the continent, at an Indian train station where he overthrows a trap set up by the clan, chasing the clan van in the Himalayas and much more.

    I realy liked the fact that through this fiction book Steve has given us some survival and animal facts as well as a pursuit and deadly creatures like tigers and snakes.

    My favourite character was Sinter, although she was kidnapped by Saker they still became friends, she is very good at finding weak points of people and had the guts to do almost anything.

    I rate this book 9/10, an extremely great book with alot of action.

    Ben, aged 12

    21 August 2012

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