Toy Story 3: Book of the Film

Join Buzz, Woody and the rest of the toybox friends in the third thrilling Toy Story adventure! When Andy leaves for college, he stows his much-loved toys in the attic – but then Mum comes along and accidentally throws them out! Abandoned in the trash, the plucky toys stow away in a box headed for Sunnyside Daycare Centre. When they reach the Centre, it seems like a chance for a new beginning. The toys soon make new friends, including a pink strawberry-scented teddy bear and a smooth-talking Ken. But Woody is sure that Andy didn’t mean to abandon them – and he’s determined to reunite them all, whatever it takes! This fantastic novel retells the whole story of the animated film, and includes eight pages of cool colour movie photos!

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    I absolutely loved the film and this book was soooo exciting!

    5 March 2014

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