Train Your Brain

How can you get friends to gasp at your brainpower with awe and wonder in their eyes? How can you get your teachers to award you top marks in every test you take? How can you get a brain as agile as an acrobat and as sharp as a Samurai sword? By giving your brain a workout with Dr Kawashima!

Just try his book of mind-training exercises to sharpen your focus and polish up your brain. As you power through each puzzle, your mind gets more active – and YOU start to achieve real mind control. Pit your wits against the clock to win silver and gold medals. Test yourself against your friends, and see who’s got the biggest brain. When you’ve got a laser-sharp mind that gleams like steel and effortlessly slices problems to shreds, you know that you’ve trained YOUR brain like Dr Kawashima!

* Scientifically proven to boost your brainpower! *

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