Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar

Swings and see-saws. Dragons and giants. Steaming mud-pie stew! Snowy games – and moon-dancing too! See all your favourite things twinkle in a shining book of rhyme. Illustrated in delectable full colour throughout, this book is packed with simple, catchy rhymes about almost everything under the sun. There are poems for teatime, playtime, bathtime and bedtime; cautionary rhymes, nonsense rhymes, lyrical poems and lullabies. Whether you want poems to read aloud, to read alone or to mime along to, you’ll find something special in here! Includes poems from Michael Rosen, Wendy Cope, Judith Nicholls, Valerie Bloom, Spike Milligan and many more.

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  • The rhymes is this are really fun. We had this book when we were younger and now I share it with my niece and nephew. The poems are about all sorts of weird and wonderful things and they are all good!

    7 March 2012

  • I remember reading this when i was little, and thinking it was the best rhymes book ever. Simply because it was all about stuff kids actually enjoyed, especially chocolate! :D

    4 March 2012

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