Twirlywoos: Wrapping!

Do you love wrapping presents for Christmas? The cuddly Twirlywoos love it too. But they don’t just wrap up presents. They’re wrapping up everything! First they wrap a banana. Then they wrap up a living room full of things. They even wrap up a woman! And now the Stop-Go Car wants to have a go. It’s brought a very long scarf to get all the Twirlywoos wrapped up warm and cosy… A Christmassy book full of gentle giggles and funny wrapping ideas. Our tip: wrap it up and pop it into a little person’s stocking!

  • Wrapping fun with the Twirlywoos – perfect for Christmas
  • Explores simple learning concepts in an enjoyable way
  • Sturdy board book with bright pictures and easy words
  • A great small gift or stocking-filler for little fans

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