Twist of Gold

Sean and Annie have one chance to escape the potato famine and plague in Ireland – to sail across the Atlantic and seek a new life in America. Surviving a shipwreck, they finally land in the New World, and begin the quest of searching for their father. But the streets of America are far from paved with gold, and when the children find themselves living in poverty on the streets of Boston, how will they escape? By joining the pioneers travelling across the prairies, spreading music and dancing which bring joy to all they meet…

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  • rubbish


    9 March 2014

  • loved it

    This wonderful book is startling, upsetting and full of adventure there brothers and sisters have died of hunger there mum is ver ill but there is a plague coming across Island and Annie and Sean have to leave there mum behind to find there farther there journey which is full with kindness people stealing I enjoyed this book so much I did not put it down I read this book in three days which sows this book is interesting you must read it it’s amazing I’m so happy I got the opportunity to read it I can’t wait to read more and more of his books

    15 January 2014

  • amazing is the first word that comes to mind on hte first paragraph of this book

    10 November 2011

  • loved it

    This book was one in a million,only the wonderful michael morpurgo could have written it! It makes you laugh out loud and cry in places.Thats the sort of thing you want in a good book.I strongly reccommend it.

    8 July 2010

  • loved it

    i felt like i was there.

    it was sad but interesting.

    16 April 2010

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  • Michael Morpurgo

    Master storyteller Michael Morpurgo has written over 100 books for children, and has won a multitude of awards as well as serving as Children’s Laureate from 2003-2005.


    Michael was the Children’s Laureate 2003-2005, and has won many awards including The Whitbread Prize For The Wreck of the Zanzibar, the Smarties prize for The Butterfly Lion the Blue Peter Award for Private Peaceful and the Red House award for Shadow.

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