Two Summers

A teen Sliding Doors! As Summer boards a flight for a sunny getaway in France, her phone rings. Should she answer? Oui/non? Summer’s found a great way to make the most of her holiday: living two summers. In one of them, Summer presses ‘call reject’, and boards her flight for Paris. Handsome boys, quaint cafes, art museums. Nice. But in a parallel world, Summer picks up that call – and things stall. Now she’s back home in her ordinary New York State suburb, living her ordinary life. But in both realities, a BIG secret is waiting for Summer. Something she can’t run from, wherever she ends up…

  • By the New York Times bestselling author of Ocean of Secrets
  • “A lovely and whip-smart meditation on love and chance” – Nicola Yoon
  • The perfect beach read, set between France and New York State
  • Aimee Friedman’s other books include French Kiss and South Beach

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