Undead Pets: Rise of the Zombie Rabbit

If Joe hadn’t made that fateful wish on the spooky Egyptian amulet, he’d still be an ordinary kid. But he made that wish, and now he’s become the Protector of Undead Pets!

Fluffy, a back-from-the-dead bunny, is the latest undead critter who needs Joe’s help to pass to the other side. If Joe doesn’t help Fluffy find her owner Olivia’s lost necklace, Fluffy will be hopping around forever! The Undead Pets series is full of impatient animal zombies who have one last thing to do before passing over to the afterlife. Fast-paced, darkly comic and wildly imaginative, it’s the perfect antidote to all things sickeningly cute and fluffy!

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    ok but bit boring all i have to say to this author is try and get sraight into the action.

    10 October 2013

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