Unheard Voices

Their voices were wiped out of mainstream history. Their contribution to the wealth of the Western world was never acknowledged. They suffered one of the the most brutal and long-lasting injustices that human beings have ever inflicted upon each other. In this special anthology created to commemorate the 1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, Malorie Blackman and other leading writers join to honour the memory of slaves. There are stories, poems and recollections from John Agard, Olaudah Equiano, Alex Haley, Benjamin Zephaniah and many more, as well as first-hand accounts of slavery written by those who endured it. Inspiring, eye-opening and moving, it is a fascinating insight into the lost voices of those written out of colonial history.

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  • This book is just…wow. That’s the only word for it. It gives a real insight into how people suffered through slavery. If you like this book I recommend ‘Roots’ by Alex Haley.

    8 March 2014

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