Unicorn School: First Class Friends

In the enchanting land of Arcadia, nearly everything is perfect… except that it’s one nervous little unicorn’s first day at school! Willow’s just starting out at Unicorn School and she can’t help feeling a bit scared – and excited! Luckily, Willow soon discovers that life at Unicorn School is full of fun and adventure. But when an older unicorn plays a mean trick on her friend Storm, landing him in big trouble, Willow is determined to help her friend, even if it means getting into trouble herself. After all, isn’t that what friends are for?

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  • not for me

    it is ok but not realy for me realy maybey for younger children but in the eyes of a younger person : It was great it was very detaled but with no big words . A 5 out of 10 for vcop ( vocabulary , ect… ) but still make a good year 1 to 3 ish kind of book .

    13 June 2011

  • i think it looks very intresting and i can”t wait to read it!!!!

    28 May 2011

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