Usborne Beginners: History Pack x 3

The past is BIG. So if you’re small, how can you begin to learn about it? No problem! The best-loved Usborne Beginners series is here to help. These quality short fact books open a door into the long-lost past, and build your reading skills as well. As it’s your first look at the past, let’s go back to – well, not exactly the beginning, but the earliest days of humankind. Explore the incredibly distant times of the Stone Age and the Iron Age. Then it’s off to the Americas for a look at one of history’s biggest mysteries: the rise and fall of the Maya!

  • Exciting hardback readers from a best-loved series
  • A great way to start exploring our world’s history
  • Perfect for children who are starting to read alone
  • Bright colour pictures help children decode the text

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