Usborne History of Britain: The First World War

Imagine a war that changed the landscape of Europe in ways we can still see today. That mowed down a whole generation of young men. That – for the first time ever in human history – reached every corner of the globe. In facts, photos, maps, posters, cartoons and real-life voices, this book tells you the story of Britain during the First World War. The terror of the trenches (where boys as young as thirteen fought and died). The onslaught of U-boat warfare. A four-year conflict that cost millions of lives and shocked the world with the ferocity of its slaughter. Read and remember. Never forget.

  • A fascinating first look at the events of World War One
  • Includes posters, maps, quotes and songs from the time
  • Supports the history curriculum and school topic work
  • Part of a quality Usborne series for confident readers

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  • A good book if you liked reading about war a very educational book on war

    5 March 2013

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