Usborne History of Britain: Tudors and Stuarts

Think history is boring? Then you’ve been reading the wrong books! But don’t worry – this is definitely the right book if you like danger and excitement. From battles and beheadings to plots and plague, there wasn’t much to snooze about in Tudor and Stuart Britain! It was a place of brave explorers, great scientists and powerful rulers like Henry the Eighth. Shakespeare wrote his famous plays. Francis Drake sailed around the world – and London burned down in the Great Fire! There were the sea battles of the Spanish Armada, and the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament. Best of all, a woman – Elizabeth the First – took the British throne for the very first time…

  • A fascinating first look at a key period in English history
  • Lavish colour illustrations taken from photos, paintings and manuscripts
  • Supports the history curriculum and is ideal for school projects
  • Part of a quality Usborne series developed for confident readers

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