Utterly Me, Clarice Bean

Nothing’s ever normal in Clarice Bean’s crazy family – and just now things are even stranger than usual. Dad keeps muttering about how “there might be a reshuffle going on at work” and how he will “have to jump through hoops” if he wants to get a “share of the pie” because “the big cheese” has been “making noises”. Meanwhile, mum spends her life “gribbling about pants on the floor and shoes on the sofa”. And as for Clarice’s brother, Minal Cricket, he “tends to be utterly a nuisance”. Come and share in the wonder and madness of it all in Clarice Bean’s secret diary. It’s a hoot!

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  • I can picture this book in my head I love it and ive got it at home. It’s UTTERLY fantastic!!!

    6 March 2015

  • loved it

    The whole idea of the Clarice Bean collection is just fantastic! They are so realistic!♥

    8 February 2015

  • I like this book it is really good

    8 March 2014

  • When I was little, I really loved Clarice Bean! Her books are suitable for young children of all genders and are warm and witty.

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    I got the whole set of the lauren child books and it ws her who inspired me to read and really enjoy her books because they are funny no matter how old I get and now I am quite older I still do recommend this to everyone because everyone will enjoy it , it is funny, humourous and utterly hilarious and makes me stay up all night reading it!

    20 June 2013

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  • Lauren in black closeup 884849

    Lauren Child

    Lauren Child is the creator of the hugely popular, award-winning Charlie and Lola, Clarice Bean and Ruby Redfort books.


    Lauren Child has won the Nestle Smarties prize four times, for Beware of the Storybook Wolves, Clarice Bean That’s Me, That Pesky Rat and What Planet Are You From Clarice Bean?, and the Kate Greenaway Prize for I Will Not Ever Eat a Tomato. In 2010 Lauren was awarded an MBE for Services to Literature.

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