Vampirates: Empire of Night

Fuelled by grief and the thirst for revenge, Sidorio vows to become king of the Vampirates, and build a new empire of terror on the seas. But he faces opposition from both the Pirate Federation, including Vampirate Assassin Cheng Li, and the Nocturnals – the more benign Vampirate order led by Mosh Zu and Lorcan Furey. Both the Pirates and the Nocturnals are ready to raise their game in response to the new and urgent threat from Sidorio and his renegades. Twins Grace and Connor Tempest, still ricocheting from the recent discovery of their true parentage and its explosive implications, are thrust deep into the heart of the conflict. But as old foes and allies are thrown together in unexpected ways and the stakes rise higher than ever before, Grace and Connor find their alliances shifting in ways no-one could have foreseen…

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  • It was okay, not as exciting as the cover makes us think.

    9 March 2014

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  • Justin Somper

    Justin Somper was born and raised in St Albans, Hertfordshire. He graduated from Warwick University before going to work for Puffin and Random House Children’s Books. Nine years ago he set up Just So, a PR consultancy specialising in the children’s books market. Now living in North London, Justin combines his full-time PR job with his newly forged career as an author. The idea for Vampirates came to Justin in a full on ‘Eureka’ moment about six years ago. Justin is now a veritable mine of information on all things piratical.

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