Vampire Dusk #5: Epidemic

Emily caught a flashing glimpse of movement as two men broke free from the shadows and began to run… For a moment Emily thought they were bandits. But then she saw their deathly white faces and claw-like hands. “Lampirs!” she cried.

Christmas comes to a devastating end for Jack, Ben and Emily when they discover that Ben is infected by the lampir plague. But when they race to Poland to find a doctor who is rumoured to have developed an antidote, they find it in the grip of a lampir epidemic of monstrous proportions. From the city of Warsaw to the snowy forests and villages, the country is swarming with the undead… and this time there seems to be no cure.

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  • the blurb is so interesting. i really need to read this book

    6 March 2013

  • I love to read and watch stuff about the undead especially vampires.

    13 February 2012

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