Vampire Plagues Pack

Black creatures, large as crows, swarmed only feet overhead. They were bats, hundreds of them, the largest he had ever seen…

On an archaeological expedition into the steaming heart of the Mexican jungle, something terrible happens. Ben is the only survivor, the only one who knows what happened: something so hideous that he can barely speak of it. Now Ben returns as a stowaway on a ship of horrors, sailing into 1850s London. But the evil cargo that the ship carries is already stirring. Can Ben, Emily and Jack destroy the evil god Camazotz before his demonic plague infects them all?

As the whole world falls into the awful grip of the Vampire Plagues, only these three young fighters can prevent its total destruction…

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  • loved it

    Loved this book! My first book of vampire scared me at first, butnow is the best book Ihave ever read! The plot is very good! I already have the London and Paris. I’ll buy Mexico and the other missing! Love all!!

    7 July 2013

  • loved it

    I love this book because its scary.My mum and dad do,nt let me oder it because all the books are expensive.

    4 February 2009

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