Walker Stories: A Heart for Ruby

Ruby’s class will be performing in the school Valentine’s Day concert on Friday, but there’s just one problem – Ruby can’t dance! Try as she might, she just can’t make herself lighter than air like everyone else. She always comes down with a thump! Auntie Pooja tells Ruby a story about how once, when she was at a party, she danced so hard that one of her favourite ruby heart earrings flew off, and she never found it. Now she lends Ruby the remaining one for luck, and Ruby is delighted. But she wishes she had the other one too. If only she could wear both earrings at the concert, she’s sure it would go like magic! Can she find the second ruby before Friday, and will it help her to soar? A lovely first read-alone story about a little girl’s dream of dancing, told in lively pictures and simple, enjoyable text.

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  • it is great and wonderful also it makes me happy to read

    9 March 2014

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