Ways to Live Forever

“My name is Sam. I am eleven years old. I collect stories and fantastic facts. By the time you read this, I will probably be dead.”

Sam is dying of leukaemia. He hasn’t got forever, so every minute counts. He wants the facts about UFOs and horror movies and airships and ghosts and scientists, and how it feels to kiss a girl. And, most importantly, he wants to know the facts about dying. Can Sam get answers to the questions that nobody will answer – and find a way to live a lifetime in the months that he has left? Winner of the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize 2007, this funny, powerful and uplifting novel is a startling look at life in the face of death.

“A hugely impressive achievement… This is an elegant, intelligent, moving and sometimes even funny book.” Mal Peet, Guardian

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  • loved it

    such a sad topic and book, but it really does highlight the value of life. It is such a great book to give a good message to children. I LOVED it

    6 March 2014

  • This book made me cry I really wanted to help sam .such a good and heart breaking book . I felt so sorry for sam

    5 March 2013

  • loved it

    This book is amazing , another book like this is Before I Die by Jenny Downham – Although that is rather a bit too advance to I recommend the book for 14 + . However ways to Live Forever 10+ the book was quite hilarious at time for instance when he said Sam N Ella Lol I hope you got the joke . so yeah read the book if you don’t my friend you missing out! =]

    29 September 2011

  • liked it

    This book was quite sad, but fun at the same time. I would recommend it to children 10+

    3 August 2010

  • loved it

    this book sounds so sad but still intersting at the same time xx i realy think i would like reading this xx

    22 April 2010

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  • Sally Nicholls

    Sally Nicholls was born in Stockton. After graduating in Philosophy and Literature, she took an MA in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University where she wrote WAYS TO LIVE FOREVER when she was twenty-three. Published in 2008, it won the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize, has been translated into many languages and made into a film. Her second novel, SEASON OF SECRETS, came out in 2010, and ALL FALL DOWN is published in 2012.


    Sally Nicholls won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the North East Award for Ways to Live Forever.

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