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His old address is rubble. His new address: who knows? Omar used to be from Syria. What does that mean now…? Like most kids, Omar doesn’t care about politics. YAWN. He’s got better things to think about. But when war comes to his Syrian city – the beautiful, ancient city of Bosra – there’s no escape from politics anymore. (You’re doing well if you escape the bombs.) Before long, whole streets are flattened to rubble. People are dying. The worst of it is that his clever big brother, Musa, is mixed up in it all. Soon Omar and his family are forced to flee. But where do you go when you don’t have a home anymore?

  • A gripping and powerfully vivid story of the Syrian refugee crisis
  • Elizabeth Laird is a first-class writer who often explores topical issues
  • Her books include Oranges in No Man’s Land and Kiss the Dust
  • She has been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and Guardian Prize

“A muscular, moving, thought-provoking book from an award-winning writer.” Guardian

“This powerful, dramatic story, poignantly illustrates how war affects ordinary people.” Bookseller

“Deeply moving … you can always count on Elizabeth Laird to write fearlessly but with compassion.” Bookbag

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  • Awards

    Elizabeth Laird has won several awards including the Red House award for Kiss the Dust and the Scottish Arts Council Prize for The Garbage King.

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