What Does Daddy Do?

Dexter’s daddy is a fireman. Rosie’s daddy is a doctor. But Daisy is wondering – what does her daddy do all day while she is at nursery? She knows he has mountains of paperwork to climb, that his boss is a dragon, and that he’s always having to fly. But could he really be an explorersuperknight? This charming and funny picture book perfectly captures the mystique of how grown-ups spend their time, seen from a preschooler’s point of view. It’s the perfect gift for sons, daughters – and daddies!

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  • not for me

    not really for me as my dad is dead, wasn’t to impressed when i recived it for my birthday.

    7 March 2013

  • liked it

    This is a nice book i can read to my son when daddy is at work

    7 March 2012

  • This book is hilariously written, and puts a whole different prospective on Daddies! Amazing!

    5 March 2012

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    Winner of Oscar’s Book Prize for The Koala Who Could.

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