What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible

Quiz time! If you turned invisible, would you rather: play pranks, sleep in class or sneak into gigs for free? Send in your answers and we’ll pass them on to Ethel Leatherhead: a girl who really needs to see the fun side of not being seen. Wait – where is she? Ethel only wanted to make her acne vanish. But now all of her has vanished – a bit more drastic, agreed? Worst of all, she can’t reappear! Now Ethel is stuck in a nightmare of lies and danger. Can she stay safe? Can she solve a bizarre mystery? And will she ever be seen again?

  • By the author of Time Travelling with a Hamster
  • A surprising, touching and funny tale of finding yourself
  • Wonderfully imaginative look at what it’s like to be invisible
  • Time Travelling with a Hamster was an instant bestseller

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    Winner of the Awesome Book Award for Time Travelling with a Hamster.

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