What Would Hello Kitty Do?

Let Kitty solve all your girlie dilemmas! Get instant advice for every sticky situation from a chilled-out puss whose fur never gets ruffled! Being a girl in the modern world can leave you facing dozens of dilemmas, from what to wear to internet etiquette and how to make the most of your friendships. Now Hello Kitty gives you her smart and practical solutions to almost fifty familiar troubles, including disastrous haircuts, getting stranded in town, forgetting a friend’s birthday, and deciding which party to go to! She’s even included guidelines on how to create your own emergency handbag kit so that you’re always prepared, plus blank pages to record those all-important phone numbers. Just slip this dinky little book into your bag to keep Hello Kitty’s wisdom at your fingertips!

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  • Hello Kitty is actually a girl. In real life, her name is Kitty White

    29 July 2016

  • loved it

    This book helped me a lot.

    7 April 2015

  • This book is very helpful and I think that all girls should keep this handy as it is very useful to have with you! At first it is quite funny because your like “Oh, she is go daft and girly” but then you realise that what she is actually saying is quite true in a way!

    8 March 2014

  • loved it

    Hello kitty scribbling book

    5 March 2014

  • liked it

    My sister liked this, she still writes in it and keeps her friends numbers inside.

    9 March 2013

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