When We Were Warriors

Fierce, wild and intensely moving. A queen of writers takes on World War Two. Welcome to wartime Britain. It’s a time of gas masks and rations, air raid sirens and urgent news heard over crackling radios. While Blitz bombs pound the cities and men march off to battle, trainloads of kids are evacuated. What’s next for them? For Olive, living in a lighthouse, there’s a body washed up on the beach. For Stanley, there’s a new home in Frost Hollow Hall: a forbidding mansion full of strange secrets. As for Velvet, she just wants to be useful. And a project to help pets in peril might give her the chance to do that…

  • Three thrilling tales of children in World War Two
  • By the wonderful and hugely acclaimed Emma Carroll
  • Compelling new stories that link to familiar settings
  • Emma’s books include Sky Chasers and Strange Star

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  • Awards

    Emma Carroll won the North East Book Award for Frost Hollow Hall and the Books Are My Bag Award for Letters From the Lighthouse.

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