When the Mountains Roared

Facing fears is hard. Settling into a new home in India is hard. So how much harder can saving the leopards be? Since Mum died, Ruby is scared of nearly everything. She’s scared of cars, the dark, and most of all, falling asleep. (And never waking up.) So when Dad uproots her from Australia to set up a hotel in the Indian mountains, Ruby is beyond scared. She’s in total panic mode. There’s plenty to be scared of. Fitting into a totally strange culture that feels a million miles from home. Living in a wilderness of scorpions, bears and snakes. But there’s one thing Ruby’s not scared of: the beautiful, endangered leopards. Maybe Ruby can help them, if she finally faces her fears…

  • A vivid tale of nature and adventure, set in the Himalayas
  • Perfect for fans of Katherine Rundell and Lauren St John
  • By the talented author of Running on the Roof of the World
  • Jess Butterworth won a Bath Spa writing prize in 2011

“Wonderful to read…. you can really feel the abiding love and passion that sit at the heart of this book.” Bookbag

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