Where's Spot?

Spot the dog is missing! Where could he be? In the box? Under the rug? Behind the couch? Lift the flaps to track him down in a book of cute peekaboo surprises. It has an adorable hideaway pup to find in a house full of familiar objects. But it’s also got a bear, a snake, a hippo, a lion, a monkey and a tortoise. Bet you weren’t expecting that!

  • A glorious flip-flap favourite, bursting with charm
  • Spot is one of the all-time great children’s characters
  • Encourages very young children to start handling books
  • Lovely way to build first spotting and reading skills

“Spot is one of the essential experiences of childhood.” Parents Magazine

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  • Awards

    Eric Hill has won many awards for his Spot books, most recently the Junior Editor’s Choice and Right Start Toy Awards Gold Award for Spot’s Playbook.

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