Where’s Wally? Pack x 6

With his bobble hat and stripy jumper, Wally is a global icon. So why is this quirky kid so hard to spot? It’s because he loves nothing better than wandering off! And with so many cool scenes to explore, who can blame him? Each of these classic spotting books is stuffed with incredibly detailed picture scenes, from a voyage on a Viking longboat to a quest in a fantasy land. Or why not join Wally in Hollywood, or on a tasty trip to the Cake Factory? Sounds delicious – if you can find him!

  • Six fantastic books from this classic spotting series
  • Includes five standard paperbacks and one mini book
  • Find Wally in fabulously detailed colour pictures
  • Test your observation skills with eye-popping fun

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  • Martin Handford

    Martin is the author of the hugely popular Where’s Wally books, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and is as popular as ever!

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