Who's in Charge?

When issues are bugging you – crime, climate change, politics, expense scandals – do you ever wonder who’s in charge? Find out in a bumper book which reveals the real players: the politicians and leaders who run the world today. How are governments elected? Why are different countries ruled in different ways? Where does all that tax money actually go? See how laws are made, how leadership systems develop, what happens behind the scenes in parliament, and which are the greatest political hot potatoes of the modern day! From famous leaders to great speeches, revolutionary changes to long-held traditions, this book shows you who really runs our world. Get the lowdown on the people in power!

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    I just bought this off school link through my school following the general election and I have to say it was better than I expected. It is really well written and explains well and in detail the complex of politics. I especially liked the section on extreme left and right parties. This book is a must for anyone politically minded.

    29 April 2010

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