Wigglesbottom Primary: The Shark in the Pool

We love this school: it’s funnier than two clowns in a custard pie fight. Even the swimming lessons are a total scream! Why go to a boring old normal school when you can go to Wigglesbottom Primary? Class 2R have seen it all. Class parachutes that turn you invisible. Dinosaur remains in the playground. A ghost in the toilet. Now there’s a shark in the pool! Is it super-scary? Or is it loads of fun? Find out in three laugh-out-loud stories that you can fin-ish in one go. (If you dare.)

  • Three stories from the world’s wackiest primary school
  • Full of laugh-out-loud silliness and witty illustrations
  • Rising star Pamela Butchart is a Blue Peter Award winner
  • Her other books include the bestselling Baby Aliens series

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