Wizards of Waverly Place: In Your Face

Alex’s efforts to help Justin’s troubled love life have hilarious but disastrous results in the latest book starring the kids from a New York family of wizards! When Justin has a date with a girl at school, his first kiss is such a disaster that he wishes it had never happened! His sister Alex tries to spare his agony by reversing the hands of time. But instead of helping, her spell lands them both in a bind. Can she get things back to the way they were? Then, when Justin gets a zit right before the school dance, Alex uses a spell that’s supposed to make it disappear. But instead, she brings the enormous zit to life! Aaarrgggh! A brilliant book from the TV series, featuring two stories and a colour section of photos from the show.

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    13 November 2011

  • I guess its a sad book please tell me if im right

    22 May 2010

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