Wolf Children

The ruins of Berlin, 1945. The war is over. Yet kids are being hunted… Hitler’s Third Reich has fallen. Berlin is in ruins. The kids living in the wreckage have to survive any way they can. Kids like Otto and his ragtag gang of friends, hunkered down in the cellar of an abandoned hospital. Danger lurks in every shadow: they’re caught between invading armies and ruthless rival gangs. But worst of all is the strange Nazi war criminal who stalks them. What does he want? What will he do to them? Where can they run?

  • A spine-chilling story of truth, friendship and survival
  • Perfect if you like Henderson’s Boys or Winter’s Bullet
  • From the author of Ausländer, Sektion 20 and Bomber
  • Sektion 20 was nominated for the Carnegie Medal

“He is a brilliant historical novelist. Dowswell shows us a side of Nazi Germany rarely seen.” Sunday Telegraph

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  • Awards

    Paul Dowswell won the 2011 Portsmouth Children’s Book Award for Auslander.

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