Worst in Show

Fancy a pet? How about a monster? Albert has a pet monster, Sidney, and he’s wild about him. He’s great! So Albert’s entering Sidney in the Best Pet Monster show. (Why should pet shows be all about dogs and cats, after all?) But Sidney is a rather gentle monster. He likes long soaks in bubble baths while nibbling on some sugary fairy cakes. Lovely! Trouble is: champion monsters have to roar, breathe fire, smell awful and have hideous warts. Sidney has no chance – does he? Find out in this funny story, which celebrates every kind of monster: warts (or no warts) and all!

  • A raucous tale of friendship and being true to yourself
  • Hilarious one-liners, a clever plot and a cool gatefold
  • Heartwarming message that we’re all OK just as we are
  • Brilliantly energetic artwork full of comical details

“The winning message never obscures the book’s fun. Hindley’s deliciously detailed illustrations… bring Bee’s story to boisterous life. The affection between Albert and mild-mannered Sidney is palpable. Just sublime.” Kirkus

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