You Can't Make Me Go to Witch School!

Would you love to learn magic at witch school? Quick: trade places with Daisy! Lots of us dream of getting an acceptance letter from Hogwarts, like Harry Potter did. But not Daisy Wart. She’s not a witch. Okay? She’s not interested in potions, spells or turning objects into small animals. She wants to be a Shakespearean actress, and she’s furious at being packed off to Toadspit Towers School! Laugh out loud at the adventures of Daisy (definitely not a witch, thank you very much), in this tale of mayhem, magic and misunderstandings…

  • Hilarious fun for fans of Goth Girl and Witch Wars
  • First in a laugh-aloud series full of thrills and spills
  • Inspiring mid-length fiction to keep children motivated
  • Pictures by the illustrator of Wilf the Mighty Worrier

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