Young Elites

Toss away your iPad: the legend is back! And lordy lord, this is amazing. Think The X-Men in medieval Venice. Tunics. Quests. Superpowers. What made Adelina evil? Was it her cruel father? The blood fever that scarred her? Or was she always like that? The blood fever didn’t just leave her an outcast. It left her with unearthly powers. When Adelina is found by the society of Young Elites, they are stunned by her gifts. But can evil people work for good? (If that’s even what they are offering.) Adelina is tired of being hurt. She wants to be the one who hurts, this time. Gorgeous dark fantasy set in a Venice-like city of gondolas on water, marble temples, exquisite towers, wicked princes and drawn daggers. We love it already.

“Prepare to be captivated.” Booklist

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