Young Hank Zipzer #1: Bookmarks Are People Too!

Hank’s the best! He makes you laugh and helps you read in his new younger tales. If you’ve been watching Hank’s cheeky CBBC series, you’ll know some of the reasons why we love him. This super-funny kid has a heart of gold – and a head full of pranks! His original books are already huge bestsellers. So now Hank welcomes smaller people like you to his new younger tales. They’re shorter, easier and even funnier. Perfect if you’re a new reader – or if you struggle a bit, like Hank. Read on to find out: how do you star in the school play when you can’t read the script?

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  • Henry Winkler

    Everyone knows Henry Winkler as The Fonz from TV’s Happy Days but did you know that he’s also an acclaimed children’s book author for his Hank Zipzer and Ghost Buddy series?


    In 2011 Henry Winkler was awarded an OBE for his services to children’s literacy.

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